Review: AtYyA – Aurical EP [NEW RELEASE]

Nelson, BC based producer AtYyA began releasing music in early 2014 and has pumped out a significant amount of choonage in only one year. AtYyA’s debut EP, Close To Me, introduced listener’s to the artist’s exuberant soundscapes that blend futuristic melodies with finely tuned ambient downtempo basslines. AtYyA’s colorful symphonic environments, when played with the proper speaker system, are both entrancing and all-encompassing. The artist’s other two projects, the Emanating EP and the artist’s debut album, Transcendence, delved deeper into the meticulously constructed productions AtYyA has to offer. With eyes closed, AtYyA’s music is transcendental – it can and will take you elsewhere…

AtYyA’s newest release, the Aurical EP, is the true culmination of a year of hard work. Each of the four tracks has its own distinct feel to it, yet somehow the EP is outstandingly cohesive. The producer’s ability to bring listeners out of their everyday life and into lush and vibrant auditory climates is truly impeccable. The first of the 4 tracks is Aurical, and as I started the EP, I immediately drifted out of my room and into a swampy bog. Movement left me without words with it’s intricate high-hat use and bellowing, yet distant, vocals. This track had a more intergalactic feel to it – I felt like I was traversing a rainforestesque planet in a land rover. Immortal had me swimming through the murky waters of my mind and the second part of Dream had me…well, Day-dreaming. The wide range of vocal samples in that 4th track really stood out and listening to it while lying down was incredibly calming.

In short, AtYyA’s new EP is marvelous. The artist’s progression since his first EP is inherently obvious – the producer is on the rise. Look out for more releases from Merkaba Music in the future! Below is the EP and some other links to check out. Hope you enjoy it!

————————————————————————————————————————————-Review by Wyler Sanca


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